FM Alexander and John Dewey


One of my student asked me to photograph him to see how it looks when he change his use.

Very often my students ask me how long is going to take to change their posture, and my answer is, when you are ready to change.

The same person before and after an Alexander Technique lesson.

Our tendency is to compress in response to gravity to force ourselves down. We have more resilience than we might believe. In an Alexander Lesson you learn to undo the unconscious habits that interfere with your natural balance and coordination.

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Small differences but fundamental changes that allow you more choices and less stress.

Another example of how a simple misconception of how our bodies function can be rectified to lead to a much healthier use of ourselves.

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Driving is another common repetitive activity that can cause pain or discomfort.

In our modern life it is typical to underestimate how poorly we unconsciously misuse ourselves in many activities.

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We are often challenged by the furniture that we use.

Couches and chairs very often make our backs work inefficiently for long periods of time, which can greatly impact our health.
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At the office we need to of course choose the best ergonomic environment.

The tools that you use are important, but the ability to use yourself in the most natural and efficient way is the most valuable tool you can have to avoid discomfort and injury.