About Celio da Silveira

Certified Alexander Technique Teacher
AmSAT (American Society for the Alexander Technique)
Graduate of ATI-LA (Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles)

Celio da SilveiraCelio started his journey with the Alexander Technique in 1987 while attending the University Angel Vianna in Brazil, majoring in motor reeducation and movement therapy. Among the many required classes, including classical ballet, modern dance, and anatomy, it was the Alexander Technique which captivated him from the very first class. Add in eighteen years practicing the art of Judo and the dots connected. A new chapter opened in his life, filled with possibilities.

He realized the importance of psycho-physical connection (body-mind unity) and attention to “inner space.” As he practiced more, he noticed striking shifts, including a more powerful singing voice and greater ease in playing guitar. In fact, he was able to perform all tasks with much less effort. He sees this detailed study of human development as a life-long journey, continuing to bring unconscious habits to a conscious level. His discovery: Change is possible when one can recognize what is to be avoided.

It was inevitable that he would become a teacher of the Alexander Technique. He trained at the Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles (ATI-LA), developing a special interest in performance arts, as well as people with specific problems like back pain and neurological problems (especially involving movement).

Celio works both with individuals and in groups. In addition to his private practice, he is on the faculty of the Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theater, in Hollywood, and the Los Angeles College of Music (LACM) in Pasadena where he is able to help students become aware of habits that interfere with their ability to perform He teaches as a substitute Instructor at the Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles (ATI-LA) training new teachers. He taught at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA), the American Musical of Dramatic Academy, also in Hollywood, and at Cal-Arts Intersession for musicians from 2005 to 2012, in a condensed but deep experience. He also worked for three years in the department of dramatic arts at USC University of South California as an assistant instructor.

Celio loves teaching the Alexander Technique to help others discover the many choices open to them—either with a specific task or for general well-being. The Alexander Technique is a pre-technique which allows the student to apply it to all activities in life.