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ABC News Demstify Back Pain
Simple, no-drug way to ease back pain. See the video or read article
NPR public radio More Back Pain Research
feature: "Alexander Technique: A Balm For Back Pain?" Read article
Alexander Technique helping musicians Helping Musicians
Alexander Tecnhique: Musician's Method for Improvement; Students of The Juilliard School talk about their experiences with the technique
Brené Brown: Listening to shame Habitual Misunderstanding
Brené Brown: Listening to shame. Shame is an unspoken epidemic, the secret behind many forms of broken behavior.







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Pause. In that moment lies every possibility. Habits can be changed.
The Alexander Technique is an educational process that enables you to access your fullest potential. The Technique encourages the balance and integration of body and mind, and is a practical method to reduce muscular strain in any activity allowing more control over stress and reducing or eliminate pain.

Who studies the Alexander Technique?

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  We all age and change, but this isn't a reason to become stressed and collapse our bodies. Most of our ideas about balance and coordination are simply conditioning and limited by our experiences. The heaviness of the head and the lack of support of the whole structure of the trunk make the whole system collapse. We can relearn a better way.

More people are realizing the benefit of the Alexander Technique

  Alexander was able to improve his health by realizing how much he was stressing himself in all activities in everyday life. This video shows how the media has been discovering the Technique and it's relation to our heath.