How many lessons do I need?

Who studies the Alexander Technique?

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How much does a lesson cost?

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What problems and conditions can the Alexander Technique help me with?


Each person is different and so are their needs. Usually starting with 10 to 15 lessons gives you a good sense of the work. The ideal is to start with two lessons per week to immerse yourself in the experience. Subsequent lessons can be spread out weekly.

Who studies the Alexander Technique? (Back)

Your Alexander Technique teacher offers personally tailored instruction with a unique hands-on approach, helping you see what in your individual movement style contributes to any undesirable conditions. The teacher helps you to release muscular tension and restore your body's original poise. You re-learn to sit, stand and move with safety, balance and ease. Your teacher can point out the source of any imbalance. He helps you to better understand the functioning of your organism anatomically and points out the habitual patterns that usually are difficult to perceive in ourselves. He considers your entire body — not just segments — and looks at you as the dynamic individual you are.

How much does a lesson cost?(Back)

The price of an individual lesson is $80.00 (about 1 hour long). Ten lessons for $700.00 if lessons are taken once per week. A series of ten lessons is discounted further if lessons are taken more frequently than once per week. Two to three students can work together at the rate of $45.00 per person per lesson. Lessons discounted because of greater frequency must be taken in the requisite time frames. For example, ten lessons purchased for $700.00 must be taken in a time period of no more than ten weeks. Any lessons not taken in that period will be forfeited.(PLEASE CONSULT MY FEE STRUCTURE AND POLICY) Ongoing group classes, contact us for more information.

What do I wear to a lesson?(Back)

You should wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. Tight clothing, skirts, dresses, and jeans are not recommended.

You may be mystified by your back pain, excess tension or lack of coordination. You might have a chronic physical problem you'd like to solve. Perhaps you see your problem as hereditary, structural, unchangeable. You may be unaware that how you move could be creating or compounding your problem. You may not realize that how you go through your daily activities needlessly strains your joints and muscles. Lessons in the Alexander Technique help you to become aware of and prevent these difficult to detect, yet harmful patterns (or habits).

The Technique offers you a way to streamline what you do, making your activities less stressful and more pleasurable. You come to understand how your body can move most efficiently. As you learn to move more easily, you make surprising improvements in how you look and feel. As you learn to apply Alexander's principles, you practice an effective, lasting method of self care.

People who learn the Alexander Technique can better handle daily stress and develop a long-term solution to chronic pain and muscular tension. They acquire an enduring way to perceive tensions as they arise and to restore their own balance.

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